We will have more information regarding the different sessions soon.

Friday 18 November will be general talks on using WordPress for business, where to get help, contributing to WordPress, and more talks for general users of WordPress. We will also have a Commerce panel that you can ask questions to.

Saturday  19 November will be our workshops and we will have 2 tracks. The one would be exclusively for beginners to WordPress and the other one for more skilled users and developers.

Content Strategies for Blogging and Social Media

Presented by Anchen Le Roux in General.

This workshop will take you through the 3 phase approach that Anchen talks about in her book.

  • You get clear on your goals and intentions and the topics you want to write about in the planning phase.
  • You will get tricks on how to create content fast in batches for weeks ahead in the creation phase.
  • And finally, you will learn how to automate your social media scheduling in the last phase.

In all of this WordPress plays the starring role and you will learn what tools to use to build your business or blog on a solid content strategy.


Presented by Roslyn Lavery in General.

SEO for your WordPress site doesn’t need to be hard

Presented by Ruan Fourie in Users/Beginners/Developers.

SEO or even the mention of SEO can scare a lot of WordPress users. The fear of Google has been instilled in all of us, but actually Google is just a big cuddly bear that is a little slow and needs some extra attention. Optimizing your WordPress website does not have to be a scary thought, and if you know the basics it easy enough that anyone can do it, not just and SEO expert.

The State of e-commerce in South Africa

Presented by Roslyn Lavery, Mechiel Couvaras, Naeem Mayet, Brett Magill in General.

Using WordPress For Storytelling and Content Management

Presented by Chris Louw in General.

Chris will share his experience and many lessons, both basic and complex, especially regarding content creation, management, uploading.

Complimenting their sites are social accounts, numbering in the 100’s where they have established themselves.

He will  talk about how they manage these processes, lessons learnt, etc.

He will also share how they have successfully managed to change one of the biggest print business into a fledgling digital business with more than 10 million pageviews per month.

Want to setup an online store?

Presented by Seagyn Davis in Users/Beginners/Developers.

Seagyn will be doing a workshop on setting up a WooCommerce store, along with a couple of products, a payment gateway and basic shipping rules.

Why journalists love WordPress (but shouldn’t be allowed near it)

Presented by Adam Oxford in General.

When we launched we chose WordPress as a CMS the founding team was familiar with, could hack around and were able to get an MVP up and running in almost no time at all. For reasons to be explained, the plans to move beyond a technical MVP to a more polished product have yet to be properly activated. The fact that WordPress has allowed us to do this is its strength and weakness. Without a proper development team we’ve faced (and recovered from) every issue imaginable, from catastrophic server collapse to traffic surges to DDoS to backdoor terminals which (we think) came in via a plugin vulnerability. This presentation is an attempt to explain why no-one should ever follow our lead – but probably will anyway. For the real WP community, who actually know what they’re doing, this will be an insight into how open source development is shaping and enabling entrepreneurial news startups, and help you to understand why from your side of things those of focussed on content seem like fools.

Building a Single Page Website with Elementor Page Builder

Presented by Steve Stapelberg in Users/Beginners/Developers.

  • Benefits of a single page website
  • Touch on Page Builders
  • Sum up with a short presentation on how to build a single page website (with almost any theme) – using Elementor Page Builder. An example is

Developing Child Themes

Presented by Trisha Cornelius in Users/Beginners/Developers.

* A brief overview the WordPress: the interaction between Core, Themes and Plugins
* What is a Child Theme
* Requirements for a Child Theme
* The relationship between parent and child themes
* What is a Theme Framework
* Things to look for in a Theme Framework
* A brief look at Genesis as a preferred Framework

WordPress & the GPL: What it means to your business.

Presented by Jonathan Bossenger in General.

There have been a few WordPress/GPL (GNU General Public License) related ‘dramas’ that have taken place in the wider WordPress world since it was originally forked from b2/cafelog in 2003. Mostly this has been around the selling of paid or premium themes. More recently it was again brought into the limelight when a WordPress competitor used some WordPress GPL code in their proprietary software.

The biggest problem with the GPL is that mostly people don’t really know the full implications of the license, what it provides for in terms of WordPress, its past and its future, and how it affects anything you build with/for WordPress.

This talk will aim to explain these topics in a broad sense, delving into the history of WordPress and how the GPL has shaped the path of WordPress, as well as discuss what the long term implications are to you and your business if you embrace it.

There is no “I” in WordPress

Presented by Hugh Lashbrooke in General.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel alone when working on the web – with most of your human contact (whether with clients or peers) being digital, you can often fall into the trap of thinking you’re on your own. But what if I told you that just isn’t true? What if I told you that you are not alone and that the very skills that allow you to earn a living also allow you to be a part of something much (much!) bigger than your day job? With WordPress you are never alone and getting involved the vibrant community that makes WordPress so unique is much easier than you might think…

eCommerce in South Africa

Presented by Brett Magill in General.

eCommerce in South Africa is as understood as Social Media was ten years ago. Anyone thinks they can start an online store, we’ve all be romanced by companies like Shopify and WooCommerce to make it seem a lot easier than it is. Don’t get me wrong, it is, it’s the best and easiest time in the history of online business to create your own eCommerce company. Though, there are many pitfalls and challenges that most start ups don’t foresee and can see, things we had to learn the hard way. I want to give that first hand insight to my audience and provide the knowledge that I wasn’t given what I started. The talk is also backed by some current stats and conversations from research done by World Wide Worx and Useful and Beautiful.

Getting help within the WordPress ecosystem

Presented by Andrew Lima in General.

This presentation will be aimed at beginners/users on where/how to receive help if they are experiencing issues with WordPress and/or plugins/themes.

Some general points covered will be:

* What to expect from Free Vs Paid support
* Getting help on a forum such as WordPress repository, general pointers on what to ask, giving support administrative access etc.
* Email support system and general expected turn around time
* Some statistics/insight into support (I am a support engineer for a number of paid plugins)
* Helping out on the support forums (Giving back to the support community)