Preparation For Wordcamp Workshops

Here is some homework, preparation or resources to download to make things easier on the day of the workshop.

It will help safe time and let you get the most out of the workshop.

Needed for Most Workshops. 

  • Pen and paper or note-taking software
  • Laptop

Needed for specific workshops:

Want to setup an online store?

There will be a flash stick with WordPress, WooCommerce and other files if needed but if you can be prepared it means we can get through a lot more.

Developing Child Themes

Resources for Content Strategies for Blogging and Social Media

You can download the checklist and 2 infographics over here


The State of eCommerce in South Africa

South Africa is hovering around the 1% e-commerce tipping point (this is the world wide trend where 1% of a country’s total retail spend is made online). The significance of the tipping point is that once the 1% thresh hold is passed, online retail purchases grow exponentially.

The South African e-commerce sphere represents a new opportunity. We invite you to submit questions about the e-commerce sector to:

  • Roslyn Lavery, business development manager at PayFast, a South African payment gateway.
  • Mechiel Couvaras, business development manager for WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell anything and gives both store owners and developers complete control of their online store.
  • Naeem Mayet, a digital strategist who is both the head of online at and a freelancer at where he helps small to medium businesses get their foot in the online space.
  • Brett Magill, a serial entrepreneur and founder of

These four experts have generously agreed to share their knowledge and experiences that they have encountered as pioneers in the South African e-commerce space.
We invite you to join them at WordCamp Johannesburg on Friday 18 November from 3:30 p.m.

If you would like a particular question/s answered please submit them below: